Monthly Archive: March 2014

I can’t say I really had high hopes for this experiment, but so far it’s not looking great. It’s far too soon to start judging results, but from the process alone, it’s not going smooth. I decided to break it into a split test. One site would be directed by me, and I would outsource individual parts. The other site would be outsourced from start to finish and I would put as little thought into it as possible.

The first site is on the topic of a specific diet, and would include recipes, affiliate links to cook books, and adSense ads. I have this site up and running with a free template that is built for adding recipes. The issue now is 1, adding recipes to the site, and 2, generating some traffic. I outsourced the initial content on and got well researched content that was horribly written. I spent about an hour correcting the grammar on these articles. I also outsourced the logo, and that came back fine.

The second site is my headache. The topic that was chosen was weight loss / fitness. Which is great, I can get behind that. The guy I outsourced to picked out the domain name, and a wordpress template and installed everything just fine. The big problem is that now there’s about 2 paragraphs worth of content and the rest is dummy text. There’s also no sign of areas for monetization. What was supposed to be a fire and forget project is now requiring my attention and effort. In the worst case scenario, I will take over the project and make it about building your home gym, which is a topic I’m passionate about.

So far both sites are under budget so I should be able to afford getting the next steps taken care of.

I’ve also decided to try another passive income stream. I’ve read good things about It’s a site where you can write articles about whatever topic you want and they’ll give you the lions share of the adSense revenue for that topic. Additionally, I found that you can link to amazon products and use an affiliate link (unconfirmed if they let you keep the affiliate part of the link). Anyways, I’ve heard that people can see about $0.50 per month per article if they do a good job, so I figured it was worth a shot. My goal is write at least 9 more articles and see how they compare to the effort I put into the niche sites over the next couple months.

Note: I’ve read that 1 in 4 articles that you include an affiliate link will actually be YOUR affiliate link. Which makes sense, it’s a free platform. This just limits the profitability.