Monthly Archive: March 2016

I think it’s important to celebrate wins on the path to your ultimate goal, no matter how small. Sharing my dividend income results with you readers gives you some insight to what is possible as you begin your journey.

My ultimate goal is to be able to live off of the passive dividend income from my investments, so I can just stay at home and play video games. Here is the money I made in February 2016 without lifting a finger.

VZ- $12.43
AAPL- $4.70

Total: $17.13

Compared to last year, I earned no dividends in February, and compared to November 2015, I made $12.45 more. Verizon has a great yield, so that was a big help. So far this year, I am a little bit behind on my savings goal, but I am flush with cash until I know what the last of my wife’s dental work is going to cost. However, I just freed myself of my margin debt in my personal account, it feels good to be free from that.

Those of you that know me are aware of my love of Taco Bell. My greatest loss in a zombie apocalypse would be no more Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunches. So it should be no surprise that I took advantage of YUM Brands’ recent price dip and made myself an owner of my favorite chain. YUM Brands also owns Pizza Hut and KFC, a couple other college favorites.

I bought 13 shares of YUM at $75.95 per share.

At the time I made this purchase, their PE Ratio was about 26. Which is a little high by my standards, but relatively low for YUM. YUM has a 10 year average dividend growth rate of 25.99% and dividend increase of 12.20% just last year. This is pretty nice considering the entry yield is over 2.3%. Their payout ratio is around 63%, which is within my safety margin, but a little on the high side, so it will need to be watched.

This puts me at $514.72/$600.00 for my annual passive income goal for 2016, and $42.89/$100.00 for my average monthly passive income long term goal.

I’m very excited to own the company that provides a majority of my weekend food.