30 Day Challenge


Time is both a blessing and a curse to the value investor.

As investors, the end goal of investing is almost always to have our investments pay out more than we need to spend. We achieve this by saving large portions of our income and investing it into dividend paying stocks (or at least that’s how I do it). Time is the most powerful force we rely on for growing our capital. Today, a $1000 position is probably only going to pay back $35 each year. However, after 10 years, given average dividend growth and reinvestment, that initial investment will be paying out something more like $80 each year.

We invest as a way to buy time in our future, time that does not need to be spent working for someone else. In a way, it’s a trade of time now, for time later.

The problem here is where many new investors lose focus. When you’re working toward delayed gratification, time can feel like it’s moving very slowly. This is a big problem I face personally.

It can easily feel like every day just drags as we try to make it to tomorrow. It’s what the naysayers of early retirement usually refer to in their arguments. That you’re not enjoying your life to the fullest while you’re young.

The difficult balance of life is that you should try to live like there’s no tomorrow while still planning for many tomorrows.

Even though I’m trying to live frugally, there’s no reason I can’t enjoy each day. Basically I’m saying You don’t need to spend money to enjoy your time, you need a hobby.

So, every 30 days, I’m going to pick an activity that I will try to do for 30 days to try and spice up my day to day life. 30 days is enough time to determine if an activity is a chore (like giving up sugar) or a hobby (like taking a picture every day). I’m calling this my 30 day challenge.

For my first 30 day challenge, I’m going to compete in an official rated competitive Pokemon match every day for 30 days.

Yeah, I realize that’s probably not what you expected from a 28 year old man that has a blog about investing. But I spent an ungodly amount of time training probably over 20 Pokemon for competitive battles, and have barely used them at all. So it’s time to reap those rewards.

I’ll probably get stomped pretty hard getting started, but I bet by the end, I’ll be a Pokemon badass.

If there is such a thing.

How about you? What do you want to do for the next 30 days to spice up your day to day life?

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Every day for 30 days I’m going to make sure to say something positive to my husband before I start complaining about my day.


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