Dividend Income – Apr. 2016


I think it’s important to celebrate wins on the path to your ultimate goal, no matter how small. Sharing my dividend income results with you readers gives you some insight to what is possible as you begin your journey.
My ultimate goal is to be able to live off of the passive dividend income from my investments, so I can just stay at home and play video games. Here is the money I made in April 2016 without lifting a finger.

KO- $9.04
WMT- $6.17

Total: $15.21

Compared to last year, I earned $14.13 in April, so I’ve made an extra $1.08. In January of this year, I only earned $6.00 because of when the KO dividend pays out. So, WMT paid out $0.17 more in that time, which I believe is because of dividend raise of $0.01 per share.

Apple stock recently took a dip after an unimpressive earnings statement. I took the opportunity to buy 10 more shares of AAPL.


Nicely done. Even though it’s a small payment (as most of my own are as well), it’s still one step closer to financial freedom. Keep it up!


Kevin said:

Thanks Dividend Reaper. The best months seem to be March, June, September, and December. I’m excited for my June dividends to pay for my copy of No Man’s Sky!


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