Dividend Income – June 2015


I think it’s important to celebrate wins on the path to your ultimate goal, no matter how small. Sharing my dividend income results with you readers gives you some insight to what is possible as you begin your journey.

My ultimate goal is to be able to live off of the passive dividend income from my investments, so I can just stay at home and play video games. Here is the money I made in June 2015 without lifting a finger.

WMT – $5.91
CVX – $9.73
EMR – $7.58
MCD – $9.43
LMT – $7.56
BP – $30.43

Total: $70.64

Compared to the dividends I earned in March ($64), I’m seeing some progress, but part of that is the odd timing of this quarter’s Walmart dividend. However, if I compare the individual dividends, I can notice some small compounding even though none of these companies have had a dividend raise in this time frame. The big increases should come in December, by then all of the dividend raises will be due (in theory).

The stocks I currently own all seem to be on a March, June, September, December payment schedule.

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