Dogs of the Dow


At the beginning of 2014, I was looking into other strategies used by investors seeking financial independence. One of the strategies I came across was the “Dogs of the Dow.” In a nutshell, this strategy is to invest in the 10 highest yielding blue chip stocks out of the 30 that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The idea being, that companies of this caliber should only have a high yield if they are significantly under priced. So around January 7th, I decided to make a google portfolio to track how I would do if I invested roughly $1000 into each company.

At the beginning of this year, the Dogs of the Dow list included T, VZ, MRK, INTC, PFE, MCD, GE, CVX, CSCO, and MSFT. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve owned or still own positions in all but 2 of these companies. So far this year (not much left). Someone who invested in these companies would not have had bad returns. They would have seen capital gains to the tune of 11%, the bulk of which was from MSFT, MRK, INTC, and CSCO. Additionally, someone with an evenly distributed portfolio of $10,000 would have earned over $310 in dividends which works out to net gains of about 14-15%. For reference, the S&P 500 has had a YTD return of around 11% and my personal portfolio has had about 14%.

So, based on the past year, someone who doesn’t enjoy screening stocks and just wants to pick from a small list of quality dividend paying companies would have had some solid returns going with the dogs. I don’t recommend blindly trusting a list of companies that anyone gives you. How someone else evaluates whether a stock is a good buy or not may not properly align with your beliefs. However, considering the 2 companies on the list that I have not owned in the last year were 2 of the bigger winners from the list, I have to admit that the strategy seems legit.

What’s your take on the Dogs of the Dow?


Tawcan said:

I think Dogs of the Dow is an interesting strategy. Having said that, I wouldn’t put all my money in this strategy but maybe invest in selective few stocks.


Kevin said:

I agree Tawcan. I don’t think anybody should put blind faith in any company or strategy and commit all of their funds to that investment. Personally, I use the list just to get a few more ideas for my watch list to fully analyze at a later time. Everyone should build their own strategies based on their own risk tolerance and experiences.


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