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As I mentioned earlier, I’ve recently started a new job. It’s a great opportunity for me and I’m very excited to be starting this chapter of my life. The office is in downtown Seattle, so I take the bus every day to get there. I’m enjoying the bus a lot more than driving because it gives me time to play my 3DS, or even just rest and think about things. One thought that has crossed my mind is what my “dream job” would be. Honestly, I think the only perfect job would be one where they pay you to do absolutely nothing. Where you wake up and do whatever you want with the day, and the paychecks keep coming in. Unfortunately, no such job exists… or does it?

It turns out, this is exactly the kind of job a financially independent dividend investor has. Owning dividend stocks does not require you to be at an office at a specific time. Dividends have no dress code or weekly hour requirements. Nobody expects you to log the time you spend on a daily basis when your paychecks are dividend distributions.

There are some downsides to the dividend investor career. They don’t provide benefits like healthcare or dental insurance. There’s certainly no company car, however, there’s also no commute. If you’re the kind of person that feels a sense of fulfillment from working, you’ll be on your own to find ways to still get that feeling. You’ll also

There are also some significant advantages. Dividend income (if qualified) is taxed at a lower rate than normal income and capital gains. This job will give you a substantial raise every year, or least higher than the “standard of living raise,” most companies “generously” give each year. Dividends will also never fire you. Your worst case scenario is that 1 company will reduce or stop their dividend payment, in which case you can sell your stock and invest elsewhere, which is like taking a new job without even updating your resume.

Sadly, you can’t just apply to the job of dividend growth investor, it’s a job you need to work for over several years. It’s truly a grass roots start-up that you grow over time into an engine of freedom.

I love working towards earning this dream job, but in reality, I’m still very much in the start-up phase. Our house hunt is starting to really ramp up, so liquid cash is going to be more favorable than trying to bet on short term gains. This means my stock analyzing and purchasing will probably be paused until we close a deal.


what kind of job? also podcasts while commuting are a must !!!


Kevin said:

Web development. I’ve been doing it for the past 4 years, but this is the first time I haven’t felt underpaid while doing so.


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