February Update


February has just started, but I already have some news. This morning, I bought 25 shares of KO and 14 shares of MSFT. For the reasons why, see here and here.

This adds $43.68 to our annual dividends. Which doesn’t sound like much, but after compounding over the next 10 years, this small investment will be paying out over $100 a year if the trends of the past 10 years continue.

I’m also starting a new 30 day challenge. I’m going to try to draw something every day. It’s been a long time since I did any sketching, so I’m way out of practice. My wife has also decided to join me with a 30 day challenge of her own. She’s going to try to learn to knit.

As for my last 30 day challenge, I kept up with my competitive pokemon battles pretty well. Unfortunately, by the end of the challenge it really started to lose its luster. Everyone above the average rating was using the same handful of overpowered pokemon, which made fighting them very frustrating and rather uninteresting. It’s really a shame that the developers would allow such unfair advantages in a game that is supposed to provide a competitive experience. It made me appreciate a community known as Smogon, much more. They have rules in place that ban certain overpowered threats from certain tiers of play. This allows more variety and strategy in the gameplay.

There is a lot of hate over Smogon in the community, but from a game design aspect, they’re really just fixing a broken system.

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