Frugal Advice: Gift Card Deals


This is my favorite time of year. During the holidays, everyone is hawking their gift cards. Including my favorite local eatery: Taco Bell. This year, their deal is a large drink and 2 supreme doritos locos tacos for free when you buy a $20 gift card.

This is one of my favorite techniques. I get to rack up some extra points/miles/cash back on my credit cards, some free food, and a gift card I will absolutely use. That last part is especially fun in January where it looks like I spent a lot less than I did.

‘Tis the season to keep an eye out for deals on the things you enjoy regularly. I am not condoning taking advantage of a deal just for the sake of the deal. If it’s not something you already would have spent money on, you’re falling for their trap. So be smart, but take advantage of the opportunity this season provides.

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