Gift Idea: Dividend Stock Gift Cards


Are you into investing and have a friend that is on the fence. Maybe this holiday you’d like to help them make their first step into the stock market. I recently found out about a company called “Stockpile” that allows you to buy someone a stock “gift card.” This idea has crossed my mind before, and I think it’s a really cool idea.

For many people, there is a mental barrier to entry in investing (on top of the financial one). It’s actually incredibly easy to open an account with many of the big retail brokers like Fidelity or Etrade. But for an outsider, it can seem like a daunting task. So a stock gift card is a huge incentive to get someone started.

What’s even better is that you have a chance to win a $100 stockpile gift card. A fellow dividend investing site is running a contest with 3 gift cards as prizes. The site is, I haven’t seen a ton of content on the site yet, but I like their 8 Rules of Dividend Investing. If you just want to enter the contest, Click Here.

I’m not affiliated with, I just think it’s a cool idea. Happy Holidays!

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