How Investing Has Changed the Way I Game


When I first started investing, I would use my experience with video games to try to better understand certain concepts. For example, analyzing statistics and “min-maxing” in RPGs gave me the analytic background to determine which companies would be good investments for my style of dividend growth investing. RPGs taught me how putting the time and effort in could yield greater rewards in the future. Now I’m finding that after a few years of investing in the stock market, my patience and dedication to investing time in video game efforts has increased.

The big games I’m playing these days are Pokemon and Diablo 3. I’ve noticed that lately, I’ve had the mindset of an investor when playing these games.

In Diablo 3, I’m more willing to invest more time into getting specific items, and completing sets than before. In fact, my hardcore characters from Season 1 reached paragon level 290, which is leaps and bounds higher than before. I’m also driven to farming a ring of royal grandeur with great stat rolls, and this season I’m going to put in the effort to get a Hellfire Amulet which requires a massive time investment, after which you may not even end up with a very good item at all.

In Pokemon, I’m working on breeding and training competitive level pokemon, in fact all of the pokemon in the OU metgame according to Smogon. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, you’re just not as big of a nerd as I am. What it means is that my bus rides for the past 2 weeks have been dedicated to this effort. But putting in the time now means I’ll have these battle ready pokemon forever.

I’m also much more stingy with what games I’ll buy. I used to take chances on new games, but now I’m only getting games I know I’ll get at least 40 hours of entertainment out of. How about you, how has gaming affected your investing or vice versa?

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