New Purchase: Apple Inc.


This year has been rough, so this is the first purchase I’ve managed to make in a while. For this investment, I bought 9 shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) at $112.13.

I’m back filling my records for this year, so I can’t give a super accurate report of EPS and PE ratio at the moment. But at this time:

AAPL has a PE ratio of 12.54 and a dividend yield of 1.92%. This investment adds $18.72 to my yearly dividend income, and $1.56 to my average monthly income.

Putting me at $305.22/$500.00 for the annual passive income goal and $25.43/$100.00 for the monthly passive income goal.

Apple has dropped a few dollars per share since this purchase, but I still believe it to be a solid and competitive company. Apple is staying on top of the evolving technology world, and I believe there is a lot of growth potential on top of the decent dividend. Also, let’s not forget how many people are addicted to getting new iPhones.

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