New Purchase: Johnson and Johnson


I’ve owned Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) in my personal account for some time. Recently, there has been a nice price dip in the company and I’ve been able to pick it up for my Joint account that I disclose to all of you.

Back in September, I bought 10 shares of Johnson and Johnson (JNJ). I regret not being able to post about it at the time, but I want to rectify that by sharing it now. I bought those 10 shares at $91.28, which is a better deal than you can get today, but I think it’s still a good buy today as well if you’re looking.

Today, JNJ’s P/E ratio is 16.54, and the dividend yield is 3.19%. This investment adds $30.00 to my yearly dividend income, and $2.50 to my average monthly income. JNJ is also a Dividend King and has raised their dividend every year for 53 years! That’s the kind of history I can get behind.

Putting me at $335.22/$500.00 for the annual passive income goal and $27.93/$100.00 for the monthly passive income goal.

This purchase doesn’t bring me to any major milestone, but it is the first stock in this portfolio that will pay a dividend in February, May, August, and November. So those months will no longer be $0 dividend months for me, and I’ll now be getting dividends every month of the calendar year. So that’s cool!

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