New Purchase: Verizon Communications Inc.


This is a bit of a belated post. A couple weeks ago, I purchased 22 shares of VZ at $46.39

At the time, the PE ratio was 18.4 and the dividend yield was 4.8%. Since then, the price has come down, and it is currently yielding over 5%, so maybe you can capitalize on my lack of patience. This investment adds $49.28 to my yearly dividend income, and $4.10 to my average monthly income.

Putting me at $414.44/$500.00 for the annual passive income goal and $34.54/$100.00 for the monthly passive income goal. These numbers are probably a little off due to dividend reinvestment, but I’m getting really close to my $500 per year goal.

I’ve written before about why I like Verizon. You can check it out here.

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