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I recently became aware of what a good deal Viacom, Inc. is for a dividend stock. Viacom is an “entertainment content company” and produces, finances, and distributes content in television and film. They work with Disney, MTV, Paramount, Nickelodeon, and more.

Recently, I bought 20 shares of VIA at $48.36 per share, and then after the price dipped, I bought another 22 shares at $44.20.

Currently, Viacom’s PE Ratio is around 8, which is an insane deal considering the dividend yield is over 3.5%. Their dividend growth history only goes back about 6 years, but it has been growing about 20% every year, and with a payout ratio of only 28%, it seems like that will continue.

This puts me at $703.32/$600.00 for my annual passive income goal for 2016, and $58.61/$100.00 for my average monthly passive income long term goal. It seems that I neglected to do the math on my annual dividend income after the last couple of purchases, and didn’t realize that I REACHED MY GOAL FOR 2016!!! I will probably do a mid year review of my 2016 goals soon, it’s exciting to have one of those completed.


Hey BuySmartNeverSell,

Congrats on hitting your goal! Your journey was one of the many reasons why I started creating passive income through dividends. I am a die hard video game fan as well so there were a lot of posts of yours that resonated with me. Would love to be at a point where I have enough passive income to stay home and start a brand new file in Ocarina of Time haha. Just want to say thanks and once again congrats.

All the best keep pushing,


Good buy. I’ve been watching this stock and thinking of buying but I haven’t done so yet. I see that a few DGI bloggers have bought it recently though, so it’s time I take another look. Thanks for sharing.


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