Niche Site Experiment


As I often do on Mondays, I started thinking about what I want to do with my life. Normally in my free time, I either play or try to make video games. The thing about making games is that you pour your heart and soul into something for people that will try their best not to pay you for it and then hate you for it. So, I decided working on a sort of “side gig” might align best with my goals.

I’ve read good things about making a niche site, I can tell you from the analytics of this blog, that this site doesn’t have much traffic and isn’t much of a niche site. Considering the work I put into this site, I would want my niche site to be low maintenance. I came up with some goals for this project:

1. Do as little work as possible. Beyond research and basic wordpress setup, I want to outsource most of the effort. I will primarily be using Fiverr.

2. Budget: $100. Given that I intend to outsource most of the work, I also want to set a budget so that if it fails, it’s not a huge loss.

3. Fail Faster. This is an important lesson in development. No idea starts good, the faster you fail, the faster you make it to your good idea. So this niche site needs to be pushed out quickly so I can determine if it’s worth pursuing more sites.

I’ll keep you updated with my process as I’m doing it.

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