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Today we’re going to examine 2 fantasy characters and how they get by in the world. The rich mage, and the poor warrior approach life in very different ways and see different results.

Both the Warrior and the Mage started with nothing but the clothes on their back. They both had to get started by taking any quest they could that a trained monkey could probably do: Simple Delivery Quests, Killing Boars, etc. With the money and experience they gained from these quests they took different paths.

The Warrior bought gear, because to his peers, he was only as good as the gear he had. The Mage ignored his peers, and focused on boosting his intelligence by studying and learning new skills. The Warrior, using his new weapons and armor, accepted more challenging quests. The Mage used his intelligence and skills to complete quests that the quest givers could not just assign to any character. As the Warrior and Mage advanced, they earned even more money and experience.

The Warrior had a reputation to keep up, and thus spent all of his extra money on gear and prestigious mounts. The Mage bought a basic horse to get around town, and kept the money. The Warrior, had all the gear he needed and then some, but every time he completed a quest, he would spend the money he earned on more gear that was slightly better than what he had before. The Mage used his money to buy undervalued items and sell them for a profit.

A raid was being organized to take on a mighty dragon. The Mage was recruited first because his skills and intelligence proved he was a valuable team member to have on the raid. The Warrior faced much competition for his spot, and was one of the last raid members to be recruited. After the raid, as usual, the Warrior bought new gear to show off his accomplishments. The Mage had now amassed so much wealth that he could hire parties that already had established themselves to clear dungeons and return a portion of the loot back to him.

Today the Warrior is still taking an quest he can get to try to keep up his reputation as one of the best geared warriors in the realm. Meanwhile the Mage is enjoying his free time while his wise choices from before pay for his lifestyle.

Can you see how the choices made by these 2 characters could be applicable to the real world? Which class have you been in your professional life? The Warrior has all of the cool stuff, but will have to work until the day he dies. The Mage saved the money he otherwise would have spent on the same stuff, and invested in his future. Do you value things or time more? Are you just doing work that anyone could do, or are you learning skills that few other people have?

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