% Change from 50 Day MA:-1.09%
% Change from 200 Day MA:-6.78%
Entry Yield:2.49%
Annual Dividend:$1.06
P/E Ratio:N/A
PEG Ratio:55.96
Market Cap:54.06B
Average Long Term Price Growth:0.00%
1 Year Price Growth:0.00%
Average Long Term Dividend Growth:0.00%
1 Year Dividend Growth:0.00%
Last Dividend:$Unavailable
Last Ex-Dividend Date:December 31, 1969
Payout Ratio:Unknown%
Short Ratio:3.23
Entry Risk:3.42 / 10


Dividend Growth

There is not sufficient evidence to show that COP has a satisfactory dividend growth history.

P/E Ratio

COP has a P/E Ratio of N/A which shows that $43.70 may be a fair value for the stock. A stock with a P/E ratio under 20 should be a relatively safe buy.

Payout Ratio

There is not enough data available to analyze the payout ratio for COP.

Entry Yield

COP has an Entry Yield of 2.49%, which is right around where you want to invest. As long as the dividend continues to grow, an Entry Yield like this a good start.

Dividend History