% Change from 50 Day MA:-0.322%
% Change from 200 Day MA:+4.833%
Entry Yield:2.260%
Annual Dividend:$1.680
P/E Ratio:27.002
PEG Ratio:2.120
Market Cap:563.61B
Average Long Term Price Growth:0.00%
1 Year Price Growth:0.00%
Average Long Term Dividend Growth:0.00%
1 Year Dividend Growth:0.00%
Last Dividend:$Unavailable
Last Ex-Dividend Date:December 31, 1969
Payout Ratio:61.99%
Short Ratio:1.950
Entry Risk:5.27 / 10


Dividend Growth

There is not sufficient evidence to show that MSFT has a satisfactory dividend growth history.

P/E Ratio

MSFT has a P/E Ratio of 27.002 which shows that $73.175 may be too high and the stock is overvalued. A stock with a P/E ratio over 20 is likely to be overvalued. You may want to add this stock to your watch list and wait for the price to come down.

Payout Ratio

MSFT has a Payout Ratio of 61.99, this can mean that there is room for future dividend growth and that the company still has plenty of capital to use growing the business.

Entry Yield

MSFT has an Entry Yield of 2.260%, which is right around where you want to invest. As long as the dividend continues to grow, an Entry Yield like this a good start.

Dividend History