The Bad Days


Somedays The life of the dividend investor is smooth sailing. You’re under budget for the month, your dividend checks are coming in, and nothing can get you down. But then there are those other days. The days that nobody gives you any respect at work, or best laid plan didn’t work out. You feel bummed out and your will power is at an all time low. These are the days that can discourage you and make you want to spend any extra cash you have on hand on something to make you feel better.

It can seem really easy to just splurge and buy shiny new toys and expensive dinners to feel better about life. Unfortunately, the easy way out is a step in the wrong direction. A bad day at work should motivate you on your investing journey. Instead of thinking of your portfolio as a collection quality dividend paying stocks, think of it as “F U Money.” In the future, when your dividends are covering your expenses, you can just walk out on that job and never look back. So don’t go to Walmart and buy a new flatscreen TV, login to your broker account and buy some shares of Walmart (WMT). $750 is better spent on 10 shares of a company that’s going to pay you back $4.80 every quarter for doing nothing at all.

In some ways, a dividend stock portfolio is “Crappy Job Insurance.” Having that extra asset that pays you whether you woke up early or late, protects you from needing to work at a job you don’t want to forever.

At the end of a bad day, you probably just want to sit on the couch and “veg out.” It’s going to take whatever will power you have left, but get off the couch and exercise. Getting a good workout can really help improve your mood. Working out causes your brain to release endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine all of which make you feel more positive and happy. Plus, staying healthy is going to save you money later in life.

I wish I could tell you that I have an easy answer for dealing with bad days as a frugal investor. Unfortunately, there are going to be days that suck, but the truth is that the average American bad day is still way better than a good day in other parts of the world. Things could always be worse, but when we walk the difficult path of making the right choices, we can turn our lives around for a better day tomorrow.

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